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Leroy Sanchez: From Covers to a Professional Singer

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musicianIt is no longer surprising to see ordinary individuals rise to fame with the help of social media. There are those who just keep on posting their videos via YouTube and suddenly, they became a huge deal. This is exactly what happened to the talented, Leroy Sanchez. His ability to produce outstanding song covers made him the huge deal that he is now. Everything started when he posted some videos online until such time that his videos gained millions of views that eventually turned into a musical contract.

A difficult game

Back then, musicians have to work hard just to seal their name in the industry. Some of them have even retired from the business without necessarily getting the break that they wanted. However, these days, with the advent of social media, this struggle has become much easier to survive. Sadly, it is still a struggle. Those who post their videos online can do so easily, but they have to compete with other talented singers who also do the same.

In short, for someone to succeed in the music industry these days there should be a perfect blend between hard work and talent. It means that as an artist, you need to be patient enough until you get the break that you have always wanted. This was what Leroy did. Not only did he work hard through the years, but he also remained through to himself. In fact, this is the reason why his career soared high. He was able to find ways to set himself apart from other artists. With his ability to twist songs and make it his own, he shone and became a popular name among the masses.

Musical background

Leroy was born in Vitoria, Spain. At a young age, he already knew that he is into music. He was a part of the school choir and musical showcases while he was studying. He also joined singing competitions back then. At 14, he joined a small singing competition on local TV show. He did not win then, but he still continued working on his craft.

It was in 2007 when he decided to first upload is YouTube video. He was just 16 then. He covered Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. Since he did not come from an English speaking country, he felt embarrassed at first. He thought his diction was not good enough and has not given justice to the song. As it turned out, it was not really an embarrassing video as a lot of people raved about it. Eventually, he decided to upload more videos. His songs included R & B and pop genres. At first, there were only a few hundred views. However, the figure started growing. This paved the way for him to be approached by some local musicians to form a band that will perform in various events.

Life changing moment

With the popularity of his covers, Jim Jonsin, a huge producer who is also behind Beyonce, Usher and Lil Wayne, saw his performance. He instantly recognized the massive potential in him. In just a few weeks, he was flown to Miami where he was groomed to be a huge star. In just a few more trips, he was signed a record deal with Rebel Rock Entertainment. He also worked with some stars of American Idol as one of the people in the vocal production. He even worked with big people like Jennifer Lopez and Prince.

The Shining Star

As of the moment, his YouTube videos have over 16 million views. He also has over 112,000 subscribers and over 40,000 Twitter followers. He also has a growing fan base who keeps on clamoring for more song covers from him. It also helps that he has a deep love for his huge fan base. There was even a time when he decided to write a song with them via UStream. He decided to open it up with his fans and up to 100 of them joined the conversation and interacted with him. He placed all their words to life. This gave birth to the song, Words Unspoken.

Currently, he performs in Bardot, Miami and in other gigs where he is invited. In 2014, he released his debut single, “Little Dancer”. He also promised to continue working on song covers and post them on YouTube. Despite his major success, he still did not forget the people behind him when he was starting. He knew just how powerful YouTube was in bringing him to where he is now. Thus, he keeps on accepting requests to create a cover. With the massive talent of Leroy, this is definitely just the start. We can expect more of him in the future. With the super producer rallying behind him, we won’t be surprised if he becomes the next big deal in the music industry.


4 Reasons Why Song Covers Usually Sound Better than the Original

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musicDoing song covers is so popular these days. They are usually uploaded in YouTube. In fact, those who have tried doing song covers have established their own career too. Radio stations also play song covers instead of the original singer. This is because a lot of people appreciate song covers especially when the artists are really good. Perhaps, you are one of them. There are certain reasons why song covers seem to be better than the original.

  1. Covers put a different spin to the song. Singers have their own way of singing. They usually put spins or runs to the original song. This makes them sound even better. It seems like the ones that you have not heard from the original singer, you have finally heard on the cover. These cover singers also have the time to listen and critic the original song. They can find a way to improve the song based on what they think would be more appreciated by the people.
  2. Song covers do changes. Not only do cover singers include runs or spins to the song, they also change the melody or tempo at times. You suddenly hear a toned down version of a fast song or a rock version of a ballad. This makes you appreciate the song even more. This is true especially if you are a fan only of a specific genre. Finding a cover that converts the song into the genre that you like makes you like the song too.
  3. The songs are dressed down. The problem with some singers recently is that their voices are enhanced by sound engineers. You will easily notice it because when they sing live, they sound different. Those who sing covers are just sheer talent. They have proven it several times. They can sing live on YouTube or other platforms. They also record songs using phone cameras without sound engineering done. Despite that, they still sound amazing. This is why we feel like they deserve more appreciate just by showing their pure talent.
  4. You feel like you can sing the song too. Since the songs are usually dressed down when sang in covers, you can relate more to the song. You will feel like you can also sing the song. There are no grand musical backgrounds or accompaniment that makes the song difficult to sing. You can do your household chores and keep singing the song. You can also wait for plumber prospect to arrive and enjoy the songs while they are on their way. It feels like you have found your own voice through these singers.

There is no wonder why it is too easy to fall in love for song covers. You should also try your own cover too. You might also inspire others to be inspired in the same way that you do. This is not to discredit the original singers. It is just a way of telling everyone that ordinary people can sing like pros or even better.


Play Your Songs on Your Big Day

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Weddings are one of the happiest occasions you can ever attend. There is so much love not only between the bride and groom but among family and friends in attendance as well. Weddings also serve as a reunion among family members who have not seen each other in years. If attending a wedding makes you happy, what more if it is your own wedding? The joy and love is immeasurable. But as far as weddings go, planning for one is not a walk in the park. Ever heard of bridezillas who turn into monsters along the process of planning their wedding just to get their way on everything? Yes, they are real, as wedding planners, suppliers and the wedding entourage can attest to.

Planning the Wedding

There are several things that you have to plan for to pull off the wedding of the century, or close to it. You can plan for it yourself with the help of your groom-to-be, maid of honor, bridesmaids, family members and friends. This way you can save a lot of money by doing the wedding planning. But if you want professional input, then you can hire a wedding planner who will take care of the smallest detail in your wedding. Hiring a wedding planner allows you to be relaxed months leading to your wedding day. You only have to coordinate with the planner and tell her your requirements for the venue, food, entertainment, among other things.

Wedding Entertainment

Aside from the wedding venue and reception, your dress and the food, entertainment during the wedding reception is a big deal. You don’t want your wedding guests to be bored to death at the reception, right? You can hire a live band or singer to sing at your reception with nothing else but your and your groom’s favorite songs. Wedding singers are a dime a dozen, so you don’t have to worry about booking one. But before you sign a contract with a wedding singer or band, you can ask them to play for you so you can feel their vibe and if they can sings your favorites and give them justice. Just like wedding singers Adelaide, there are a lot out there who cover original songs. Cover artists are sprouting over the Internet and mainstream entertainment. Their renditions of popular songs and their style make them popular among music lovers. You can have your first dance to the tune of your favorite song and be swept away by the music.

Do not stress yourself to much in planning your wedding even if you hire a wedding planner. Just take it easy, plan months ahead so you don’t run out of time leading up to your wedding day, and don’t forget to take a breather once in a while when everything becomes too overwhelming and stressful. Play your favorite cover songs and practice your first dance so when you go out on the dance floor on your wedding reception, everything will be perfect and magical.

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Guide to Musical Instruments

Comments Off on Guide to Musical Instruments 02 August 2016

guitar catAre you in the market for a new musical instrument? If so then you should consider Global Music Revolution – the number shop for musical instruments adelaide. Music  is a major part of Australian culture, and last year it showing a profit for the first time since 2012. If you’re interested in buying a musical instrument you should certainly consider a local Australian store. The reason is that such stores provide a great option if you’re looking for a great selection, prices, and instruments.  Here are some of the most important features to look for:

  1. Location

This is important. Whether the store is in Adelaide or another region in Australia, it’s important to find a music store that’ s close to your home. This will make it convenient to get to the store, find the instrument or other musical items you want to buy, then return home. On the other hand, if you choose a location that’s far from your home or office, it can boost the travel time needed to get here, which will provide less time for choosing your next musical instrument.

  1. Selection

This is an important issue to consider when comparing different Australian music stores. For example, you can find some stores will instruments ranging from guitars to keyboards, and from drums to saxophones. The better selection the store has, the easier it will be to find the right instrument for your needs. That involves different brands, features, prices, etc. The better selection the music store has, the easier it will be to find the exact musical instrument you need.

  1. Quality

Even if you buy your musical instrument from a local music store, it’s important that the instrument has high-end quality. This will help to extend the lifespan of the unit. Not only that but it will also make it easier to use and maintain the instrument. On the other hand, if you choose a low-quality instrument you’ll likely need to spend a lot of time, effort and money keeping the instrument in top shape. That’s likely a situation you’ll want to avoid.

  1. Price

This is another important issue to consider when purchasing a new musical instrument. If you buy the instrument at a local music store you can almost be certain that the price will be lower than if you had purchase the unit from a large musical instrument chain, for example.

Not only will the price be cheaper if you buy your instrument from a local store, but you’ll also be helping out the local community. That can also happen to a certain extent if you buy from a large music store chain, but it will be to a less extent. So if you want to have the biggest impact on the local music industry you should definitely consider buying your musical instrument at a local music store.

  1. Beginner/pro equipment

Whether you’re new to musical instruments or have years of experience, it’s important to buy your next musical instrument from a store that has a wide range of equipment for beginners and experts alike. This will make it easier to find the right instrument for your needs. Not only that, but if you’re a beginner you’ll be able to buy your musical instruments from the same local music store as you improve your skills on the guitar, drums, keyboard, etc.

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